Dangerous Driving Conditions

Commuters hit the trifecta of harsh weather conditions during their morning commute with the flood warning, wind advisory and tornado watch advisory. Those traveling further north of the coast line were no exception.
Many drivers found it hard to see a few feet in from of them because of the heavy rain and 30 mile per hour winds. Some took extra precautions by driving slower than the speed limit and using their hazard lights. One driver tells News 25 where the heavy traffic piled up in D’iberville during this morning’s storm. Raymond Curran said, “Some people were driving a lot more cautious. I will tell you over there by D’iberville Middle School traffic is backed up, almost backed up to Popp’s Ferry Road because I guess people brought their kids to school this morning instead of putting them on buses.”
We didn’t get anywhere close to the brunt of Hurricane Patricia, which pounded Mexico and Texas over the weekend.
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