Damming the Pascagoula River

Jackson County supervisors plan to meet with the Pat Harrison Waterway District to get more information about damming the Pascagoula River after Steve Shepard, a Sierra Club representative, expressed his concerns in last week’s board meeting.
The Pascagoula River is known for being one of the few natural and undammed rivers left in the country, which Shepard says brings money through tourism.
The Ocean Springs resident says damming the untamed river will cause economic and environmental damage to Jackson County. “They’ve given us no environmental impact statement to look at, no information. They’re obviously ramrodding it through and they want to use BP money and claim that they’re saving the Pascagoula. It’s all a sham, it’s going to make somebody a lot of money but it is certainly not going to help George County. If George County can’t make money off of Wal-Mart, then how are they going to make it off this lake."
The permit application says the dams would be placed at Big and Little Cedar Creek, which would create a more recreational spot in George County.

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