Damming the Pascagoula River

A representative from the Coast Sierra Club asked Jackson County supervisors to withdraw support in damming the Pascagoula River to help create a more recreational spot in George County.
The original proposal from George County was to dam the Escatawpa River but it has recently traveled to damming the Pascagoula River at the Big and Little Cedar creeks.
Many people told the Supervisors to leave nature along. Pascagoula resident Kitty Aguilar said, “I’m against the dam. I think that things can be done to improve the situation. I think that boat tours might be a good thing for the river because it is wild, and it is untamed. It’s natural and any time you start messing with Mother Nature, you run into other problems.”
District 4 Supervisor Troy Ross said if those George County dams make their way to Pascagoula, he would not support it.

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