Cyber Security Big Issue After Several Local Data Breaches

With recent data breaches at the New York Times and possibly The Shed on the Coast, cyber security is a major concern.

Insurance Commissioner, Mike Chaney, says a Mississippi health insurance company had a recent data breach that could affect thousands of Mississippians. The company does not yet know who hacked the system, or where the data is currently being held.

Chaney says, “We had a security breach with Anthem, which is a health insurance company, that affected about 100,000 pieces of data in the State of Mississippi. People wouldn’t think it would affect Mississippi because BlueCross BlueShield is the primary marketer here along with United and Humana and Magnolia, but Anthem has about 15,000 policies on the Gulf Coast.”

Chaney encourages individuals to be vigilant with their personal data. He suggests changing passwords regularly and be careful as to what data you store on your cellphone.

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