Cutting edge technology at Merit Health Biloxi

This morning, the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce hosted its last installment of ‘Breakfast with the Mayor’ for 2018.

The event took place in the cafeteria of Merit Health Biloxi where Mayor FoFo Gilich became Dr. FoFo Gilich for the day. Mayor Gilich took a break from talking about infrastructure to drive one of Merit’s Da Vinci robots.

Dr. Ramon Brown of Keesler and Merit Health says the innovative surgical tool has changed the way they do surgery.

Merit Health has been using the Da Vinci robot to perform surgeries for a few years now. They tell News 25 they plan on continuing to use the most cutting edge technologies. Dr. Brown said, “It, combined with advanced recovery protocol pathways, has reduced our length of stay, decreased our surgical site infection rate. Nationwide for colon rectal surgery, the surgical site infection rate is about ten percent. Ours here is less than that significantly, probably somewhere around two to five percent both here and at Keesler.”

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