CTA Unveils Hybrid Buses

The Gulf Coast is going green, one bus at a time. This afternoon, the Coast Transit Authority held a ribbon cutting ceremony for six new hybrid buses.
Coast Transit Authority Chairman of the Board Lloyd Herbert said, “The last of the Katrina money that Coast Transit got and it’s 100 percent federal money. No local match.We’re bringing in six new buses to our fleet. They’re hybrid electric. They run on diesel and electric energy. The operating costs were much lower than the buses we have now and just much more comfortable for our riders.”
These six new buses cost approximately $3.7 million but with 20 percent cheaper fuel costs, they’ll save the Coast money down the road. Not to mention they’re taking it easy on the environment. Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes said, “There’s kind of a green approach to it, which helps the environment. It’s keeping with the direction that we’re going from with recycling efforts and just cutting down on emissions.”
Five of the buses are 29 feet long and will run between Biloxi and Gulfport. A 35 foot bus was also purchased and will make its way through the Keesler Air Force Base. “Our ridership, they’re just really gonna enjoy these buses. They’re comfortable. This is not the small bus we have had in the past. This is gonna be just the top of the line,” said Herbert.
City officials from around the Coast are also on board with the CTA’s new cost efficient and eco-friendly buses. They say they are a great investment that will pay off on the road ahead.
These six buses also have lower floors, making it easier for those riding to get on and off.

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