Cruisin’ the Coast 2022 wraps up

Cruisers have headed back home this morning, but before Cruisin’ the Coast 2022 came to a close, there were trophies, awards, and cars given out to wrap up the event.

Twelve car clubs provide over 650 volunteers for Cruisin’ the Coast and everyone in the club can nominate one person within the group for Volunteer of the Year.

Woody Bailey, executive director of Cruisin’ the Coast, tells News 25 the volunteers are the backbone of the event. “They are all winners, but we have to pick someone out of that group and we just randomly pick someone from that group. Like I said, each one of them are the cream of the crop of that particular club and they are all winners in my opinion.”

This year’s Volunteer of the Year Award went to Site Manager Allen Strange. “I appreciate the club for letting me represent them. I’ve been dedicated to working Cruisin’ the Coast since 2003 and I didn’t know whether or not after last year I would still be back to do it.”

Bailey explains Strange’s attention to detail with registration tracking, package numbers, and more. “I can also depend on him if I need to know the details behind the scenes so to speak of Cruisin’ the Coast. He is a great guy. We’re very happy he has this award.”

The raffle winner of Honey, a 1969 Camaro, is from Texas and was not present, but received a voicemail saying they won from the crowd. The car was raffled off for $37,000 as a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Next year’s giveaway car is ‘the red rocket.’ Donations are accepted now for early access.

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