‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ wraps up

It’s been a busy week of vehicle-packed action on the Coast, but yesterday marked the wrap of the 23rd edition of ‘Cruisin’ the Coast.’

It’s a show that highlights the classic, the modern, and even the unusual. ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ has been a staple on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for 23 years now. ‘Cruisin’ Executive Director Woody Bailey says this year’s turnout was record breaking. “Well, it’s been an awesome year. We’ve had a great turnout, record turnout, 8,620 vehicles from 42 states and Canada. That’s a super turnout.”

‘Cruisin’ is more than just looking at thousands of vehicles. Cruisers and locals enjoyed things like an auto auction, autocross, and live music on stages across the three coastal counties. “That’s what I see the whole time during the event, is everybody having fun, or like I say, everybody’s in a great frame of mind.”

Gerry Moore of Pensacola, Florida brought his one-of-a-kind boat car to the closing ceremony at Centennial Plaza. As a 12-time Cruiser, he says ‘Cruisin’ is a way for people to see every kind of vehicle imaginable. “I think it’s the biggest event in the South. You see any kind of car you could ever think of.”

A big focus of the closing ceremony was on giving back to those who make the event special. The top volunteer received the ‘Gene Oswalt Volunteer Award,’ and the ceremony also featured tourism awards and cash raffle to recognize Cruisers. “We have 11 cities, three counties, everybody working together. That means the Coast is working together to put on this super event and it helps our tourism industry and it helps the economy of the Gulf Coast. Everybody benefits.”

For now, the ceremony gives Cruisers one last chance for the ‘Cruisin’ community to get together until next year of course. “We love it. We come here and a lot of friends we have from other states we get to see them one more time. We’ll see them next year.”

The 24th edition of ‘Cruisin’ the Coast’ is set for October 4th through the 11th in 2020.

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