Cruisin’ the Coast spectators enjoy Downtown Biloxi Block Party

Wednesday, Cruisin’ the Coast spectators flocked to the streets of Downtown Biloxi for their annual block party. What’s cooler than the cars? Could it be the stories behind them?

With cool cars, live music, and fantastic food, this is truly an event that is fun for the whole family. Just ask Danny Irby from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who always brings his sister in what some people call the ‘rat rod.’ “My wife won’t ride in it with me. She’s embarrassed by the truck so I bring my sister.”

While the plastic skeleton with a monkey head isn’t his biological sister, she surely draws in a crowd. “It’s a 36 Chevrolet truck. I built it. It took about two weeks and everybody just flocks to it.”

Danny isn’t the only cruiser that has a rather creative tag-along.  Biloxi Cruiser Steve Doucet said, “I put my mask on my stuffed animal and he’s my passenger.”

The big mean Grinch tags along with Steve Doucet and apparently he does a great job sitting shotgun. “He doesn’t talk back and he doesn’t tell me to slow down!”

Steve’s car was accidentally purchased by his eight-year-old son from eBay in pretty bad shape. “Got in the process of restoring it with my oldest son, then my oldest son was killed in a car wreck the next night, went through a bad time. With the preacher’s help was able to get my story straight and start finishing the car.”

The car brings the family back together after the passing of their loved one, Chase. “Pretty much took the car from ground level up and restored it. I have to take the car and drive it around and show it.”

Whether you’re looking to rest your eyes on the car of your dreams or looking for a heartfelt story from the people driving the car, be sure to take a walk through Downtown Biloxi during the block party. Biloxi Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich said, “There is personality in each car that transfers from the people who built it. I see a lot of my friends that have cars and work on them continually and they continue to break down and they continue to put them back together.”

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