Cruisin’ the Coast Parade in Long Beach

The City of Long Beach started their Cruisin’ festivities with a parade that started over 20 years ago.

Hundreds of Cruisers strolled through the City of Long Beach to show off their hot rods. This year, 600 cars hit the streets of Long Beach for the parade with visitors rolling in from all over the United States to rev up the fun while on vacation. “The cars, the people, it’s a nice place to visit.”

Some enjoying coming to the parade for different reasons, whether it’s the things Cruisers throw or maybe just to check out some of the cars with your favorite color. “I like the purple one.”

Farrah Stephens just moved to the Gulf Coast from Tupelo, Mississippi. She’s enjoying her first ever Cruisin’ the Coast by checking out the rides. “I’m enjoying the classic cars that come through here and how nice everybody is.”

Whether you prefer to catch beads and toys or check out vintage cars that makes you take a stroll down memory lane, the parade and Cruisin’ the Coast in general has something for everyone to enjoy. “This is a major part of it right here, and of course, the cars.”

“All these antique cars, especially since I work for Advance Auto Parts as well, so I know mostly all of the vehicles.”

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