Cruisers stop at Long Beach Yacht Club for Country Cruisin’ Breakfast

Cruisers headed out to the Long Beach Yacht Club for breakfast this morning.

The sun rising over the Long Beach Harbor was a sight to be seen by Cruisers at the annual Country Cruisin’ Breakfast. The sizzling sausage, grits, and fresh coffee attracted many Cruisers and a few out of towners. Linda and Bob Corbitt came in from Iowa. “Being from Iowa we don’t ever get breakfast at the harbor.”

Every year they come to Cruisin’ the Coast and grab breakfast at the harbor to watch the sunrise, looking forward to the events happening in each city. “We believe that what draws us, it’s not that you go to one town and there’s something going on. There’s something going on in every town on the Coast every day.”

With the hurricane, many Cruisers have decided to shift gears and head home, however Patsy and Tommy Cummings live near Lake Charles in Louisiana and decided they’re going to stay Cruisin’ through the storm. “We made the decision the other day that if it went here we would go home and if  it went home we would stay here and we get to stay here.”

The Country Cruisin’ Breakfast offers more than a full stomach and great views, it allows visitors to make connections which is extremely rewarding to the staff. Long Beach Yacht Club Commodore Patrick Holifield said, “Seeing people from the different states and all over the place and hosting everybody and seeing the smiles on everybody’s faces.”

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