Cruisers Enjoy a Beautiful Friday Full of Events

Cruisin’ the Coast continued Friday with events all across the Coast as cruisers tried to stamp-in at all event locations. While cruisers are enjoying the cars, sun, and music, some cruisers are gathering their cars to give back.

Glen Payton of Farhad Grotto in New Orleans says, “The club is started with children for special needs and dentistry. We use these cars all through the parades in New Orleans and all throughout the United States. The money we raise from these cars go to the Humanitarian of Grottoes of North America.”

This car part of the Farhad Grotto Group not only shows off their car for Cruisin’ the Coast, but also uses the cars for the greater good. Payton also says, “Typically we raise about $100 to $200 per parade, but it usually costs us several thousand dollars to do it, but that money that we raise goes strictly into the charity.”

For other cruisers, while the week is just mounting, they’re already starting to think about next year. Hoss Leger was the 402nd cruiser to register for next year’s event. Leger says, “We see people from all different states that are here, and yeah, a lot of repeat people. Once you come once, you want to come back.”

Before they think about next year, Pete Vicari, owner of the Vicari Car Auction, reminds cruisers of the exciting events going on for the rest of the weekend. Music will be across the Coast all day and the Vicari Car Auction revs up again Saturday at 10 a.m.

Vicari closes, “Saturday, we’ve got a little surprise for people. The governor is going to be there and we have another special guest that’s going to come and open the auction.”

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