Cross-state remembrance bike ride for fallen first responders

‘Brotherhood Biker Clubs’ are stationed all over the country, comprised of first responders who bike to honor their fallen brothers. This week, the Gulf Coast’s very own Brotherhood Club started their first ride.

For first responders, honor and respect are two of the most important aspects of a very noble job. For the Gulf Coast Brotherhood Bike Riders, they want to make sure that certain memories continue to live on. J.D. Leach with Baton Rouge PD said, “Just to never forget. Never forget what they’ve done, never forget their service that they’ve given to the community and that’s really what we stand for. Never forget the sacrifices they’ve made and that their families made.”

Exhausted and hungry, the riders stopped in Gulfport at Jones Park for a quick breather and lunch. The brotherhood is in the middle of a bike ride across three states, honoring nine fallen police officers from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Patrick Davis with Houston Fire Department said, “We’re all one family. The important thing is we usually ride a year or so after an officer or firefighter has been killed in the line of duty just to show the family that we’ll never forget. We want to make sure that the awareness is always there.”

The group consists of first responders from across the country and as far away as California. The riders raised more than $500 each to donate to the families of the fallen officers. “They’re missing their loved ones on holidays and birthday parties and things like that a lot of times. Of course, when they’ve given the ultimate sacrifice they’re no longer there. It makes the news for a couple of days and then it is gone and we don’t think that’s good enough. So, we want to make sure they’re never forgotten.”

The ride started on Monday in Eunice, Louisiana and will conclude tomorrow in Orange Beach, Alabama. “Yeah, the 450 miles on a bike is, I think I would take fire any day. Fires are 30 minutes, an hour, two hours, they’re going to go out. It seems like today, especially with the wind blowing, it’s a long day.”

The Gulf Coast Brotherhood Bike Riders have already begun next year’s preparations with plans to honor fallen Biloxi Officer Robert McKeithen.

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