Cristobal leaves behind damaged Biloxi Beach

Tropical Depression Cristobal left behind quite a bit of damage and debris in Biloxi along the beach.

Today, Biloxi city officials are out surveying the damage that the storm caused.

Mayor FoFo Gilich said Cristobal caused a bit more damage than expected.

Some notable damage left behind includes the Lighthouse Pier where winds carried part of the pier about a mile down the beach. Many of the fire pits on the beaches have been uprooted and there is at least one boat in the city that washed ashore during the flooding. Mayor Gilich said, “We have a lot of cleanup to do and a few limbs and trees have fallen and some yesterday during the storm. So, right now, we are getting a handle on everything that we will need to do to make sure everything is safe and people can get around.”

If you are out or near the beach keep an eye out for displaced wildlife.

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