The Crime and Consequences campaign

Today, students in the community of Gulfport are getting a lesson in making positive choices, courtesy of Gulfport Police Department and JZ 94.5.
Chief Leonard Papania and the local district attorney are visiting middle schoolers at Gulfport Central and Bayou View Middle School to talk about the importance of making smart decisions.
Chief Papania ended the presentation with a gesture of trust and communication. He gave his personal cellphone number out to the entire room and told them to call him if they ever need his help. “Some people say you’re crazy when you give your number out like that, but I’m not. There’s been so many great yields and it’s my little secret of some of my successes because you bridge that gap with these kids.”
Tabari Daniels with JZ 94.5 said, “Having an environment like this where you can actually talk to the real person, they can actually ask the real questions. That’s what it’s all about. I think one of the biggest issues today is how we sensationalize criminal culture.”
Today’s presentations are all part of JZ 94.5 Crime and Consequences campaign.

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