Crime cameras coming to the Coast

It’s nearly impossible to be everywhere at once, but the Biloxi Police Department is going to give it a try. The Biloxi Police Department is collaborating with Project NOLA, a nonprofit organization committed to eliminating violent crime.

An eye in the sky, an interesting concept that Project NOLA is taking literally. Project NOLA Director Bryan Lagarde said, “Even when the bad guy tries to say ‘no, that wasn’t me. I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there,’ then you turn around and show them a picture of them being there with a gun in their hands. It very quickly, it turns around to they want to make a deal.”

Keeping those ‘bad guys’ off the streets is the main goal of the New Orleans-based nonprofit. The organization works closely with police departments, businesses, and residents across the country bringing high-definition cameras to their doorsteps. “We put them on people’s homes, businesses, churches, schools, they’re in the neighborhoods where the crimes are occurring so we can catch the bad guys, remove them off the street, and increase quality of life, reduce crime to very significant amounts, dramatically reducing crime in some areas,” said Lagarde.

The recent crime numbers in New Orleans seem to speak for themselves. “Murders are down to the lowest we’ve ever seen them since 1971, that was last year’s figures. This year, for 2019, year-to-date, we’re about 30 percent lower in the homicide rate than we were last year.”

The Biloxi Police Department recently reached out to Project NOLA, hoping to bring that technology and the safety that comes with it to the Coast. Major Chris De Back said, “At the present time, we’re trying to install ten cameras throughout mainly the downtown area starting out and then we plan to expand throughout various locations in the city.”

Major De Back is fully expecting this trial run to work and sees this as a new norm for law enforcement. According to Major De Back, tax payer money will not be used to pay for the cameras. “Our job is to improve the quality of life for the citizens we serve and those coming to visit the community. If we can be thorough and find any information that we can to bring resolution to that case then we will.”

The Biloxi Police Department expects the cameras to be up and running in the coming weeks.

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