Credit Card Skimming Devices Found at Saucier Gas Station

Harrison County deputies located four credit card skimming devices on fuel pumps in Saucier. News 25’s Kendra Turley brings us the latest on the ongoing investigation at the Robinwood One Stop gas station.
The Robinwood One Stop gas station on Highway 49 in Saucier is not only a popular spot for locals, but for travelers as well. Frequent Customer Aleigh Bright said, “I probably come to the gas station itself every day.”
Traveler Robert King said, “(How often do you stop at this gas station?) Whenever I travel for work. So probably once every three months or so.”
Both types of customers were surprised to hear about an ongoing investigation of credit card fraud at the gas station. Frequent customer Ashley Tittle said, “Because we come to this store every day and there’s honest people and it’s a shame that they would scam people like this.”
An anonymous person left a note with Robinwood One Stop employees warning them of suspicious activity at the pumps. Investigators with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department located four credit card skimming devices on four separate fuel pumps.
Deputies say they usually find credit card skimmers located on the outside of credit card machines, but the ones found at Robinwood One Stop were actually located on the inside of the machine instead. “We’re thinking they’re using some type of Bluetooth technology to download the credit card information.”
The skimmers have the ability to capture information from credit cards, debit cards, and gas cards. “It takes you off guard when it hits you and you start worrying about what else do they know about you. What else have they stolen in terms of personal information,” said King.
Authorities are unsure how long the devices have been installed on the machines, but encourage anyone who used a card at this location to check their online activity and contact their bank if anything looks suspicious. “As easy as it for people to do that, I’m happy they only found four and were able to take care of it as fast as they did,” said Bright.

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