Crawdads and Candidates

The Gulfport Rotary Club added a twist to campaigning Saturday.

Hundreds of pounds of crawfish, live music, and politicians were all on hand at Jones Park for the inaugural Crawdads and Candidates event.

Candidates vying for seats in Harrison County all attended, visiting and eating with attendees and even their counterparts.

With debates and formal meetings a common practice leading up to the elections, the Rotary Club wanted to host something a little more casual for candidates and voters. Christina Barton with Gulfport Rotary Club said, “This is different from a typical town hall because it’s more personable in my opinion. There’s a lot of competition so the candidates actually get to see the competition that is vying for that same position whereas at some of these town halls, they don’t get to do that.”

The event didn’t just focus on the candidates. All the proceeds from the event went to Haiti to help out with scholarships and the building of a new water well.

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