Cowan Road Baptist Church Pastor Defends Marquee

“Allah is Satan, Jesus is God” those six words on the Cowan Road Baptist Church marquee are causing controversy within the community, especially among local Muslims.
News 25 brought you part one of this story on Friday, when we spoke with members of the Islamic community, who are deeply concerned over the words.
Pastor Chris Ashley of Cowan Road Baptist Church tells News 25 his message was not in hate but in revealing the truth of his religion. “If I didn’t tell them that they were worshipping a false God, who is? Who would ever tell them? They would probably go the rest of their lives, the way they’ve been going for the last couple of decades and political correctness is growing and growing. They would die and they would go to Hell.”
On Saturday, someone anonymous took down the words “Allah is Satan” but Pastor Ashley said he put them right back up.

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