COVID-19 vaccinations continue rolling out at the Coast Coliseum

They’re continuing to put shots in arms at the Coast Coliseum vaccination site in Biloxi.

About 900 people are vaccinated at the Coast Coliseum each day the site is open. So, it comes as little surprise that Harrison County has the second highest COVID vaccination rate in the state with a total of 43,242 people vaccinated so far in Harrison County according to the latest statistics from the Mississippi Department of Health. Coast Coliseum Executive Director Michelle Menningmann said, “We have the ability with our facility to be a drive through facility, so the days when the weather is not in our favor, we can protect most of the staff here. Eighty-five of our operations is indoors. Everybody gets to stay in their cars, drive through the building and get in and out as seamless as possible.”

Biloxi police and members of the Mississippi National Guard play a big role in that and are on the front lines making sure things flow smoothly. Justin Forest is the officer in charge of this site. “The most important thing is to make sure you are showing up on time and showing up on the right date. That will make the process a lot easier. We don’t want to have to turn people around because they don’t have the right appointment for that day.”

Once your appointment is scheduled at the Coast Coliseum, please remember that you pull in at gate three off Beauvoir Road. “Our Highway 90 Gate one is just for event and business traffic only. So if you are coming for a vaccination, you want to enter on Beauvoir Road, the North Gate. You can go online at to schedule your vaccinations. Anybody 50 and over is able to jump online and schedule that now.”

“If you are able to get the vaccine. Go ahead and get it. Schedule your appointment. The more numbers of those getting vaccinated, the closer we can all get to being back to normal.”

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