COVID-19 hits tourism industry hard

The Mississippi Gulf Coast relies heavily on the tourism industry to drive its economy and now the Coast is taking a huge hit thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When you think of tourism in South Mississippi you think casinos, beaches, and restaurants, all of which are suffering during the statewide shutdown.

Right now, the team at Coastal Mississippi is working hard to make sure the Coast comes back strong after the pandemic is over.

One of the ways they are doing this is by asking future visitors to postpone the reservations they have to the Coast for when it is safe to travel instead of canceling reservations all together.

Coastal Mississippi CEO Milton Segarra also says that it is key that all businesses have a plan for when it is safe to partake in tourism again so they are able to bounce back quickly. “The United States Travel Association did a survey and some projections say the overall impact to the tourism industry in the USA is in excess of $900 billion. They are saying this Coronavirus situation is seven times more impactful than 9/11. So, as you can see we are talking about a very serious situation.”

Segarra says that studies show the first people to travel after the pandemic will be traveling by cars as opposed to planes which will benefit the Coast.

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