Country Cruisin’ Breakfast

At Long Beach, you can have a plate full of scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy with a Chevy Chevelle on the side. Starting at 7 this morning, cruisers can head over to the long beach yacht club for their Country Cruisin’ Breakfast. The Yacht Club provides breakfast for cruisers looking to start their day amongst their fellow car lovers. Cruisers say once you start attending events at Cruisin’ On The Coast, it’s  hard to not try to catch them all. Tony Cormier cruiser, “You come over here, you’re going to get hooked right away. There’s so many cars of every color, shape, size, make and model. Anything you want is here.”  Deb Austin, cruiser “I am very fortunate that we are not at the waffle house or someplace else. I saw this on the schedule and I was really tickled to be able to eat breakfast outside with a lot of people and enjoy cars.” The Yacht Club will be hosting the breakfast today and Saturday morning as well.

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