Country Cruisin’ Breakfast

The Long Beach Yacht Club made sure cruisers did not start their day on an empty stomach.
The annual Country Cruisin’ Breakfast offered eggs, bacon, grits, and a beautiful view over the harbor. One cruiser drove his 1941 Ford Ambulance from Memphis, Tennessee, which made its debut here on the Gulf Coast back in 2004.
He tells News 25 he visits a family in Bay St. Louis every year who he originally met at Cruisin’ the Coast years ago which is a perfect example of the camaraderie people build here during America’s Largest Block Party. Cruiser Bob Brown said, “We met them at Cruisin’ the Coast and that’s the other thing, the people here, the families here, the friendliness here, it’s easier to get along and belong and that’s the charm of Cruisin’ the Coast in my view.”
The yacht club is hosting the breakfast again tomorrow and Saturday from 7 to 11 a.m. Plates are seven dollars.

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