Countdown to Mars: NASA to launch rover this week

Source: NASA

The search for ancient life on Mars continues with the launch of a new rover set to take off for the red planet this week!

NASA is hoping to launch its latest rover, “Perseverance,” this Thursday, July 30th.

If conditions are just right, the rover will take off on a rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida and embark on a more than 62.5 million mile journey to Mars.

Once there, Perseverance will study the geology and climate of the planet to help find signs of ancient microbial life.

Scientists are also hoping the rover will test out new technologies to one day send humans to Mars.

Perseverance is expected to land on the red planet in February of 2021.

This will become NASA’s fifth rover to explore our neighboring planet, the last one to do so was “Curiosity” and that rover is still sending us selfies and many other incredible images.

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