Coronavirus vaccine heading to Mississippi

Mississippi is receiving it first round of coronavirus vaccines, but who will have access to the vaccine first?

Nine hundred and seventy-five doses of the coronavirus vaccine will be sent to Memorial Hospital in Gulfport this weekend or early next week.

Everyone wants to know who will get the vaccine first. Cindy Hansen, the director of employee health at Memorial Hospital, tells News 25 their distribution process. “The state recommendation and the CDC’s is to immunize our healthcare providers, our front line workers, so that we can be available and protected to continue to be here for our community.”

At Memorial Hospital, the first responders who deal directly with coronavirus patients will get the vaccine first.

The vaccine will be available to all frontline workers as a two-shot series 21 to 28 days apart, but not everyone is on board to take it. “Initial consensus is about 50/50 believe it or not. Some still have some concerns about being the first ones on the block to take the vaccine. We have others, my phone has been lit up with people wanting to get on the list to be first in line to get the vaccine.”

Thursday there is an all-day regulatory meeting scheduled to take place, the next step toward the likely authorization of the first COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S. “When the FDA approves the vaccine there will be more information provided from Pfizer on ingredients, what they did, is it egg free?”

Gulfport residents say they are ready for the vaccine. Resident Cassandra Stover said, “I don’t think the effects could be any worse than not taking it. I think it’s something like the flu virus. You’ll feel a little sick for a couple days then you’re going to be okay.”

Resident Mindy Whitten said, “Anything that can protect us, I’d be willing to try. Can’t hurt at this point.”

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