Coronavirus pandemic impacting local businesses: How you can help

Just in the last week, nationally we’ve seen cancellations of sporting events, concerts, and political rallies. Not to mention, the Federal Reserve announcing a zero percent interest rate this weekend.

All of this is affecting our nation’s economy. News 25’s Lindsey Goodwin tells us how it is affecting our Coastal economy and what the community can do to help.

While the Coronavirus might not affect many of us directly, we’ve already seen its indirect effects here on the Coast as events continue to cancel, kids out of school, parents working from home. All of this is also taking a toll on local businesses. Officials and business owners are urging residents to shop local. The Coffee Box Owner Lisa Ryan said, “Since we’ve seen some cases in Mississippi, we have slowed down just a little bit. We’re down right now about 71 percent. So, it’s scary.”

Lisa owns The Coffee Box in Long Beach, a one-stop shop for a quick drive-thru breakfast and morning coffee. But now, coffee isn’t the only thing brewing in the Box as Lisa and her employees take extra precautions to keep the business running, like social distancing. “But how do we do that? The bills are not going to stop, we still have to have payroll. I have employees who are depending on their income, on their tips, so the best way we can do that is try to come up with a plan that works for our business, trying to do order online, contact-less if there is an outbreak on the Coast itself.”

Lisa also says as grocery stores run out of products her business is left without essential ingredients, like almond milk, forcing them to alter their menu. Still, she encourages residents to help prevent an economic domino effect here on the Coast.  “If it’s your favorite place to eat, you can order online. You can take this time and still support them, and be safe and do all those precautions that are needed.”

The Coffee Box isn’t the only local business making temporary changes amid the Coronavirus. Check with businesses near you to see how they’re responding to the outbreak and how you can help support them in this time of uncertainty.

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