Corder Announces He’ll Run for Jackson Co. Circuit Clerk

The first candidate has publicly announced his run for Jackson County Circuit Clerk. Joe Martin has served in this position for more than 40 years, but is retiring this term.

While Martin leaves behind big shoes to fill, Frank Corder believes he’s the man for the job. The Pascagoula native has served as a Pascagoula City Councilman, owns a family-run restaurant in downtown Pascagoula, and writes for Y’all Politics. The circuit clerk’s office in counties throughout Mississippi faced scrutiny after the Cochran/McDaniel election, so Corder knows his integrity, knowledge of the electoral process, and attention to detail will be important.

Corder says, "Whoever wins will be faced with a 2016 primary for President. So going into that first election cycle, everyone is going to be looking at you and trying to make sure you’re doing your job right, but our team at the clerk’s office and now and also with the election commission for our county, they are well-trained, well-staffed, and I think whoever comes in to follow Mr. Martin that can help push them a little further, will be great."

If elected, Corder hopes to work on increasing voter turnout and reducing costs in the circuit clerk’s office by moving more processes online.

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