Cooking With Curtis for Under Ten Dollars

If you are looking to feed your family healthy and tasty meals for under $10, Winn-Dixie has you covered. The neighborhood grocer is teaming up with Food Network celebrity Chef Curtis Stone to provide recipes that won’t break the bank.
Winn-Dixie officials stress how everyday families have trouble balancing health, taste, and affordability with their cooking and these meals accomplish just that.
Winn-Dixie District Director Kate Speakes said, “Giving everyone a recipe, giving everyone a basis to start from really does add that layer and make it just that much easier for us to do what we want, which is take care of our families and take care of our loved ones, and to know that we’re doing the thing that doesn’t make us feel guilty, not just going back to the drive-thru. We don’t have time to invest in an hour long preparation just to make a meal. So, giving people the tools for that, giving them the recipes and the ideas, it’s just a great partnership.”
All of Chef Curtis’ recipes will be posted on and on pamphlets available at the grocery store.

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