Connect Mississippi Gulf Coast Conference Discusses Broadband Project

The money from the Restore Act is being used to usher the Magnolia State into the future.
Today’s Connect Mississippi Gulf Coast Conference started off with exciting news for the state after Gov. Phil Bryant announced he set aside $15 million to bring high speed internet to the entire Mississippi Coast.
It wasn’t long ago that you couldn’t use the internet and a phone at the same time, and the focus of today’s conference was to use changing technology to drive economic growth. President of AT&T Mississippi, Mayo Flint, said, “ the way we communicate with each other, the way we do business has really changed in the last decade and broadband has been a big part of that.”
While you may not think of the internet as city infrastructure, traveling the information super highway is becoming just as necessary as any public utility. Gary Rawson, the federal program coordinator for MS Information Technology Services, said, “Broadband is infrastructure, a roadway is infrastructure. If you can’t get to a business in a vehicle, you’re not going to that business. Same thing with broadband, if a business does not have broadband, then the business does not have access to the world.”
Mayor Gilich said, “We’ve got bits and pieces already in place, and now we just need to coordinate how we roll these things out and how we connect and most effectively use the money and some of the federal monies coming in.”

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