Congressman Palazzo’s service in question

Brian Rose, a candidate for the Fourth Congressional District running against incumbent Steven Palazzo, called a press conference today. The topic was once again putting Congressman Palazzo’s service with the National Guard into question.
Bill Vallon is a National Guard veteran who was deployed with the 155th to Iraq back in 2004, a deployment he says Congressman Palazzo tried to avoid.
Fourth Congressional District Candidate Brian Rose said, “His service records show that he has done everything that he could do to avoid that service. He did not go to Iraq despite claims that he did, that he did not serve with honor. In fact, he spent his entire time in 2004 trying to get out of the military.”
This is not the first time questions about Palazzo’s time in the National Guard have been raised. In 2016, Democratic candidate and challenger Mark Gladney teamed up with Libertarian candidate Rick McCluskey during the congressional race and made similar claims.
Rose says Thursday’s press conference is different, considering the paperwork he has provided supporting these claims. Rose says that according to the documents that he has obtained, the need to take care of a sick relative and the family cattle farm are some of the reasons that Palazzo asked to be discharged. “The National Guard then requested medical records and affidavits from family members of Palazzo’s stating that he was the only one capable of handling these affairs. Mr. Palazzo responded with a letter saying that he would not be providing what was requested. Ironically, we do have affidavits from Palazzo family members and these affidavits state that Mr. Palazzo played no role whatsoever in the care taking of this person or the cattle farm in question.”
Congressman Palazzo sent News 25 a response to these accusations from his opponents which reads in part: “Not once have I ever denied that I requested this waiver more than a decade ago. I am a better person and a better soldier because I remained in the National Guard where I have and continue to serve to this day.”

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