Congressman Palazzo Spoke on the Importance of Shipbuilding on the Coast

Congressman Palazzo spoke today on the United States House Floor on the importance of bringing more shipbuilding to Ingalls here on the Gulf Coast.
Palazzo spoke on the declining resources for the Navy, which has hurt them on reaching their goal to build more ships. Palazzo added the Marine Corp also suffers from the lack of these ships and currently does not meet national requirements for amphibious vehicles.
“A not insignificant portion of this fleet consists of amphibious ships to support the requirements of the Marine Corp. The current amphibious ships do not meet the validated national requirements to perform tasks that the Marine Corp is responsible to carry out in time of war or national emergency. This is the very Marine Corp that is asked to be the more ready when our nation is the least ready,” Palazzo said.
The US Navy currently has 285 of the nationally required 306 ships in their fleet.

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