Congressman Palazzo speaks out on the Republican targeted shooting

One of the congressmen on the team which was targeted by the shooter this morning was Steven Palazzo, the representative for our area.
Palazzo was not present at the practice session. He tells News 25 that he can’t believe that something like this could happen so close to the capital.
The congressman is dismayed that someone would target members of his political party at an event that’s meant to unite Democrats and Republicans each year. “For someone to be out there stalking us or be out there waiting on us to basically ambush members of congress and their staff, I find it very hard to believe right outside of the capital city, one of the safest places probably on Earth. You know this is a field that we’ve been practicing on for over six years. It’s a bunch of guys showing up to play baseball, one thing is certain if those capital police were not there, there would have been dead members of congress and dead staffers. The capital police are truly heroes and they were there because Congressman Scalise is a part of leadership.”
Palazzo says he was with majority whip leader Steve Scalise last night discussing their work to extend the federal recreational snapper season for our neighboring states.

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