Concealed Carry Permits Could Become Cheaper in MS

Concealed carry permits may become more affordable for gun owners in Mississippi. Lt. Governor Tate Reeves announced in his 2015 agenda his plans to reduce concealed carry permit fees.

In the 2014 legislative session, the Senate passed a measure that would make concealed carry permits more affordable for Second Amendment supporters in Mississippi. Reeves proposed a similar legislation for 2015 to help enable Mississippi residents express their right to bear arms. He doesn’t believe any government agency should profit off of gun owners and proposed to reduce the fee by 20%.

Randy Brownley, President of Coast Rifle and Pistol Club, says, "I certainly hope it gets more people, as long as they’re law abiding citizens in Mississippi, to be able to carry a gun, to obtain a gun, to buy a gun. I know that they will still have all of the background checks and everything that is currently required, but it is a good thing."

Lt. Governor Reeves also proposed to recognize military training for firearm permits. This would allow active duty soldiers and honorably discharged veterans the right to hold enhanced conceal carry permits without paying a hefty fee to a private firearms instructor.

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