Complaints of Bike Riders On Sidewalks

Ocean Springs Police remind bicyclists to ride downtown on the roadways not the sidewalk. Some business owners and pedestrians have made complaint about bike riders using the sidewalks. According to a city ordinance no bicycle should be operated on a sidewalk. Ocean Springs Police encourage bicyclists to ride on the side of the road with the flow of traffic but leave the sidewalks to pedestrians. One bike rider who often travel through Ocean Springs tells New 25 staying on the roadways should not be a problem for residents. Video splice Ocean Springs is a great city it’s growing and certainly you’re going to have that in Ocean Springs, but I don’t see any problems I never had any problems when I rode my bike, I pretty much follow the bike trail that’s designated for this area and again sometimes I take the beach and sometimes the bridge. These concerns are mainly in the downtown area of Ocean Springs.

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