Community wants justice for Gulfport teen Jaheim McMillian’s death

Following the tragic death of 15-year-old Gulfport High School freshmen Jaheim McMillan, tears, posters, condolences and prayers have surrounded his family.

Last Thursday the teen was shot in the head during an officer-involved shooting at a Family Dollar in Gulfport.

Jaheim was transferred to a hospital in Mobile for treatment where he later died from his injuries.

Sunday, a balloon release in his memory united the community, sharing one message: ‘Justice for Jaheim.’

In today’s protest, shouts of ‘no justice, no peace’ and ‘black lives matter’ rang in the streets in front of the Gulfport Police Department as the family and community search for answers for the teen’s death. Jaheim’s cousin said, “The only thing I could see was my cousin laying down in blood just flowing, just his blood. The only thing I could look at is the concrete. Even if its not there, that’s the only thing that’s in my head, just his blood. Like why? Why? He was just laying here, just why? Nobody could get passed that, just the candles or anything. We still can’t get passed that. We still just trying see what was the purpose of all this?”

Gulfport resident Victoria Scott said, “It makes me so mad. It makes me so angry. I feel like I have to figure out a way to where I can help because somebody’s gotta stand up.”

If you would like to donate, visit GoFundMe #JusticeforJaheim. In just three days, $1,200 has been raised.

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