Community Response Team Exercise

Usually when you see students lying on the ground surrounded by fire trucks and medical professionals, it can’t mean anything good, but that was not the case this morning at Gulfport High School.

Students from the law and public safety class, the teacher academy, and med tech classes joined together to take part in a community response team exercise.

The idea of the exercise is to get students comfortable with the difficult situations that come with the hassles of the jobs associated with these career paths.

Gulfport firefighters were also on hand to assist and evaluate students.

Rachael Holman, the law and public safety teacher, even assigned a student to act as the public information officer and pass along the information to the media exactly as they would in the case of a real life disaster. Public Information Officer Actor Rinoa McGraw said, “Hurricane Logan is the aftermath and we have Gulfport CERT team on campus at Gulfport High School. We are now cleaning up the disaster and evaluating what is happening.”

Holman said, “They have incident command so there is somebody there like ‘who do we report to,’ ‘who is over search and rescue,’ ‘who is over medical,’ ‘who is chief over logistics,’ all of that. So, they have gone through all of the motions on triage and medical.”

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