Community growth in Wiggins

COVID-19 has caused many challenges for South Mississippi cities in 2020, but the City of Wiggins has also seen many positive changes this year.

Despite the presence of COVID-19, Wiggins Mayor Joel Miles is encouraged by his city’s handling of everything 2020 has brought their way. “People love living in a small town, working in a small town, and I think there’s great things ahead for the City of Wiggins and Stone County.”

Miles says over the past few months, the city has seen a rise in its sales tax as small businesses continue to rebound and even grow. “They’re in the process of building a new plant and patio store here in town, Tractor Supply has just opened. Some other businesses on the horizon that I believe will be coming very soon.”

The Wiggins Police Department is also experiencing changes. Deputy Chief Jeff Thomas has been named the next chief of police, succeeding retiring Chief Matt Barnett next month. “Some of the stuff we’re going to continue to do, we’re still going to pursue grants, recruitment and retention is a huge thing for any law enforcement agency at this time.”

Mayor Miles said, “He and the former chief have worked very well together, and I think that it’ll continue to just move forward without missing a beat.”

As local business owners continue to rebound and the community moves forward through the rest of 2020, Mayor Miles reminds residents to keep public safety at the front of their minds. “Wear your mask and socially distance, and we’re going to get through this pandemic.”

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