Community gets a glimpse of port operations

The Port of Gulfport, known as the second largest importer of green fruit in the nation, set aside some time Thursday to put the community first. Yesterday, the port provided locals with an informative and educational insider’s view of their everyday port operations.
“Not a lot of information had been coming out from the port for people to truly understand what was going on. “ When Jonathan Daniels took on the CEO position at the port, controversy surrounding the utilization of housing and urban development money at the port was a hot topic amongst the community. Long Beach resident Richard Cornelius said, “I’ve been past the port every day and it is building, it is growing and you see all this activity. I was just curious about what the heck is going on there.”
In September 2013, the Port of Gulfport decided it was time to open their gates to the public. They now provide free quarterly tours for anyone curious about what goes down behind the scenes. “We wanted to be very open, very transparent, and that meant opening up the gates and allowing people to get a behind the scenes look.”
More than 250 people attended the port’s latest set of tours and got up close and personal with the port’s current construction, cargo, and cranes. All eight tours were led by port executives. This allowed the community to ask questions and get accurate answers. “It’s pretty interesting. It’s a very dynamic port, much more so than I thought.”
The next set of tours will be available to the public during the month of June. “We are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish and we are excited about the future.”

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