Community Eager to put an end to Crime

Gulfport citizens and community leaders are eager to help put an end to violence in the area once and for all. News 25’s Kendra Turley takes us inside tonight’s town hall meeting.
In recent months, the City of Gulfport has seen its fair share of deaths and arrests in the area. Gulfport NAACP member Theressia Lyons said, “As a former prosecutor, assistant DA in this district, I’ve never seen it quite so high. The murder rate has just been astounding just this year alone.”
The NAACP Gulfport Branch decided to step up and help put an end to this ongoing problem by hosting a town hall community meeting at the Isaiah Fredericks Community Center. Gulfport resident Sheila Sullivan said, “We know crime affects everyone. So, I wanted to come and hear what was going on and see how I can be a part of the solution.”
The meeting provided an opportunity for Gulfport community members to voice their concerns on the tragic incidents that keep occurring in their own back yard. The purpose of the meeting was all about prevention. Members of the Gulfport branch of NAACP tell News 25 in order to prevent crime, they must first pull together as a community.
Various Gulfport city officials participated in a panel discussion, expressing concerns of their own and providing statistics from their respective departments. Gulfport Councilmen Kenneth “Truck” Casey said, “Crime is all over. Some areas have a little bit more, but it’s a Gulfport problem. We all have to work together to resolve these issues.”
Together community members and community officials brainstormed possible pathways to help put an end to crime in the area once and for all. “Where is all this coming from? Do we need more after school programs? Do we need more policing? Or do we need more interaction with families and things like that.”
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