Community comes together for injured firefighter

On April 10th, Lieutenant Dan Kauppi, a member of the Gautier Fire Department, was severely injured in a car wreck and is currently in a coma. Members of Gautier’s community are still rallying for his recovery.

Saturday, the American Legion in Gautier and the Gautier Firefighters Union teamed up and held a fish fry benefit for Lt. Dan. All of the proceeds from the fish fry went directly to Kauppi’s family for medical and other expenses.

Lt. Dan is currently in Sheppard Medical Center in Atlanta for special treatment and therapy. Gautier Men’s Club President Guy Cagnolatti said, “I hope people see that we do support our fire department and our police department here in Gautier and people come together when there’s a need. Lt. Dan is in the hospital. He’s gonna have hospital expenses, medical expenses, and it’s good pulling the community together to help out when somebody’s in need.”

If you would like to make a donation to help out this local first responder they have a GoFundMe page set up as Danny’s Get Well.

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