Community colleges ask Mississippi lawmakers for support

Community colleges play a pivotal role in the education system, but without the proper funding students won’t be able to thrive at some of the state’s community colleges.

Community colleges in Mississippi including MGCCC are asking state lawmakers for support. MGCCC Instructor Trevor Smith said, “We are a critical part of our state’s higher education and we are trying to raise as much awareness as possible to remind the state legislature that we are important and that we need to be supported and that we play an important role in job growth and job development.”

Community colleges in Mississippi have more freshmen and sophomores attending their schools than the universities in the state like MGCCC sophomore Megan Donnedd. She says with more attention community colleges will be able to perform better. “It is very important for us to be able to come together with all of the Mississippi community colleges for a certain cause like this because we need to strengthen community colleges and the funding that way we can help improve the community. We need to vamp up whether it is supplies or modernize facilities. We need to make sure we are having students who want to come to our schools.”

For every dollar spent on education in Mississippi, only seven cents goes to community colleges. Now, community college leaders are asking legislators to spend ten cents for every dollar. “Our community college system hinges on keeping tuition low and it also hinges on keeping good instruction and keeping our facilities up. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, for example, has ten separate locations and without adequate funding it becomes a real challenge to keep everything going the way we would like.”

Officials with this movement say that supporting community colleges will directly benefit the state. “Keep in mind for every dollar that is put into community college, education will get more than four back so paying attention to community colleges is paying attention to Mississippi.”

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