Comfort Inn & Suites Coming to Biloxi Beach

The City of Biloxi is still down 3,000 hotel rooms since Hurricane Katrina, but that is soon to change. Developers announced plans Wednesday to bring a Comfort Inn and Suites to Biloxi Beach.

Barrington Development Llc is at it again. The minds behind the revamping of the White House Hotel have proposed a 110 room hotel for Biloxi Beach. The brand is Comfort Inn and Suites and will be located next to the Sea Breeze Condominiums south of Highway 90.

Cono Caranna, Partner of Barrington Development Llc, says, "The Comfort Suites just became available in Biloxi, so we just went ahead and grabbed that flag and then that was a great spot with right there on the beach. No one has built on the beach since Katrina, so it was the obvious choice to go there."

Development directors say this is a big step for Biloxi, showing that confidence in building along the Coast is growing stronger. Jerry Creel, Director of Community Development for Biloxi, says, "We’ve gone several years without a storm now, and I think it’s showing that people can get insurance and can make a project work on that south side of Highway 90 in the velocity zone."

Developers say the Comfort Inn will be a perfect destination for families who just want to enjoy the beach. Caranna also says, "You know, just families that don’t want to go to casinos, it’s just gonna’ be there on the beach. It’s the only hotel on the sand. You know, 110 rooms hopefully, four stories, there will be a pool on the south side overlooking the beach, just anyone that wants to come in. It will be a lower price point." The development doesn’t stop here. Creel says to keep an eye out for more to come.

Creel closes, "Look for more restaurants, look for some other announcements to be made hopefully over the next 30 days. You’ll have a major announcement we’re gonna’ hear about a blighted building here in Biloxi."

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