Comeback Coolers: helping people after devastation

As we keep a close eye on Hurricane Dorian, many agencies and groups are already prepping for the aftermath.

One of the local nonprofits focus on helping people feel better after a devastating storm.

Comeback Coolers Founder Heather Eason said, “Comeback Coolers is an organization that is actually like a ‘pay it forward’ movement. So, while the Red Cross and Salvation Army and things like that are going in to deliver supplies, we go in and we deliver ice chests full of inspiration and hope. It’s something that just kind of fills your soul.”

With Dorian making its way towards Florida, Comeback Coolers is preparing their inventory now for anyone who might be affected by the storm. “Seventy percent of our coolers are filled up with beer, other drinks, oranges, and wet wipes, and about 30 percent of them are family coolers which don’t have any kind of alcohol in them.”

The coolers bring so much more than just beer and snacks to people in need, they bring them a moment of joy. “When people come to your aid and they are giving you something, that is hope and inspiration, and just letting you know that it is going to be okay. There is a lot to be said for that especially when it comes from people who have been there.”

If you would like to help, Comeback Coolers is accepting donations and volunteers now. “If you want to help and you want to decorate and design a cooler go ahead and do that. OS Lumber and Supply will be a drop off point starting Tuesday and so will the mayor’s office.”

For more information visit their website or find them on Facebook.

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