Colin Cowherd: ‘Minnesota Vikings absolutely, inarguably blew it’

– Where the Minnesota Vikings absolutely, inarguably blew it. Remember, they were 13 and 3 this year. They’re going to pull back now. Yeah, Minnesota had their opportunity.

This year, for a good portion of the year, there was no Aaron Rodgers. Carson Wentz, MVP, got hurt. Matt Ryan had a new offensive coordinator. Kind of clunky. Seattle and Dallas imploded.

You’ve got a miracle touchdown at home with no time left as a Saints defensive back suddenly tackled air. Plus the Super Bowl was it Minnesota. Vikings you blew it.

Aaron Rodgers returns next year. So does Carson Wentz. No Super Bowl in Minnesota. Jared Goff and Sean McVay– year two. Jimmy Garoppolo, Kyle Shanahan– NFC a full season. Now instead of a third play schedule you have a first play schedule.

Let me throw this on the screen. You couldn’t create a more difficult schedule. Next year the Vikings face Aaron Rodgers, the Rams, Brady, Wentz, Seattle on the road. You also get Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Jimmy G, the handsome one with a 5 o’clock shadow, at home.

And you don’t know who your quarterback is. Because you have three, none under contract. Minnesota you blew it. You were too busy perfecting that stupid skol chant.

Yeah, spend a little less time on the nicknames fellas. Rise up, Sacksonville, Legion of Boom, skol chant– it’s about football, adjustments, being smart. Same reason I use Netflix, Amazon, Starbucks and Uber is the same reason I like New England, and why they’re favored by 6 and 1/2 points in the Super Bowl.

Why hate it? Admire it. No gimmicks, no nicknames, no guarantees, no chatter. 10 stitches in the quarterbacks throwing hand. And they’re in the Super Bowl again against a Philadelphia team, that’s fun.

But let me make a guarantee. Who do you thinks going to talk the most over the next two weeks? Who are almost all of you going to pick over the next two weeks? Nick Foles, Brady, Doug Pederson, and Belichick. You know what side I’m on, and Minnesota you blew it.

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