Cold weather shelters opening on the Coast

As the temps drop, Harrison and Hancock counties are opening cold weather shelters for the next few nights.

By 5 this evening more than 40 people had made their way to the Kenny Fournier Multipurpose Center in D’Iberville to escape the dropping temps and frigid wind.

Individuals are provided a cot, blanket, and a hot meal, cooked and served by the Coastal Block Captains group.

While Coast Transit Authority provides transportation to and from the shelters throughout the night, if law enforcement officers in Harrison and Jackson counties see individuals out in the cold, they bring them in too.

Cold Weather Shelter Volunteer Coordinator Windy Swetman said, “As a community, we’re a good community who cares about everybody in our community. Whether you’re considered the top of the totem pole or the bottom, everybody is important and certainly to make sure no one in our community goes hungry, nobody goes unsheltered. No one should have to stay out in the cold and freeze to death. We make sure that there is a safe, warm place for them to go.”

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