Cold Weather Shelters Open for Second Night in a Row

It’s another frigid day outside and along the Coast and cold weather shelters will be open again Friday night.

For those who live in east Harrison County, a shelter will be open next to the Civic Center on Automall Parkway in D’Iberville. Doors opened at 4:30 p.m. and will remain open through the morning. The shelter has about 100 beds to offer for individuals and families needing to seek shelter from the cold.

James Morgan, Field Representative for the Harrison County Board of Supervisors, says, “We were only open one night so far this year, which was last night. We had 50 people, and word of mouth gets around, so tonight I look for our numbers to be even higher. Next week we have three days of cold weather. I look for our numbers to be even higher then.”

The cold weather shelter in D’Iberville is looking for donations of coffee, cups, sugars, and creams.

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