Cold Weather Brings Danger to Outdoor Workers

For many working outside in the cold, dangerous conditions come on quickly. Extreme cold, as defined by O.S.H.A., varies in different regions.

For example, in Mississippi, where temperatures are normally warm, near freezing temperatures are considered "extreme cold." A cold environment forces the body to work harder to maintain its temperature and keep the internal core warm. One way to battle the cold is dressing properly.

Yolanda Smith, an outdoor worker, says, “Well I’m gonna’ prepare myself, I mean you gotta’ have some jackets, gotta’ have some sweat suits. You need some hats, need some gloves, so you gotta’ be prepared when this weather comes in. It’s kinda’ the best time. I like to be outside in the cold working you know, so it’s no big deal to me.”

O.S.H.A. suggests wearing at least three layers of loose fitting clothing, including an inner layer of wool or silk, a middle layer of synthetic material, and an outer wind or rain layer. O.S.H.A. also suggests wearing a hat or hood and insulated gloves.

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