Coffee and Cybertalk

When it comes to protecting your business or your children, preventable measures can be taken to keep them safe online.

That’s why the City of Ocean Springs held a Coffee and Cybertalk this morning at their community center. The cybertalk was complete with a coastal IT company, AGJ, and District Attorney Angel Myers McIlrath.

One of AGJ’s main points was anyone can be a victim so it is important to protect yourself. They also highlighted on passwords and say you should make sure your passwords are different and changed frequently.

During the talk, McIlrath focused on protecting children and how vulnerable they truly are online.

“There is a statistic that says 50,000 child predators are online at any given time, searching for a victim. It’s prevalent,” she said. “We have seen it here in Jackson County, in this district. We see it all the time. Social media, game consoles, Facebook, Instagram, those kinds of things are used to gain access to a child, gain their trust, groom them, and then eventually abuse them.”

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