Coastal Mississippi promises health and safety to tourists

If tourism numbers are any indication, it appears Coastal Mississippi’s message is coming across loud and clear – a promise of health and safety – a vow tourism leaders are urging everyone in our area to lend a hand with. News 25’s Toni Miles explains.

COVID, and Cristobal- cast a shadow as this year’s peak time for tourism rolled around, but even in the wake of the Covid threat – the tide is turning for the tourism industry here in south Mississippi.

Milton Segarra, CEO of Costal Mississippi: “Every weekend we have a lot of visitors. The reason why is that we can provide a destination with the safety and sense of comfort people are looking for in this situation.”

Coastal Mississippi CEO Milton Segarra credits local businesses for going above and beyond to help keep south Mississippi safe – and the tourism group’s recent initiative – Coastal Mississippi’s promise of health and safety, as seen in local establishments, like Edgewater mall.

Milton Segarra, CEO of Costal Mississippi: “One of the most important components of that message was the Destination Promise. We are working hand-in-hand with our partners to make sure that not only will you enjoy your visit but it will be safe. We are encouraging all our partners to follow the protocols in terms of wearing the mask, washing your hands, and social distancing to make sure we comply with all of these to ensure people will come here and enjoy their visit.”

Tourism leaders say South Mississippi’s orchestrated message of safety in the wake of COVID-19 has lured people to South Mississippi to places like our beaches, where as you can see, there’s plenty of space for social distancing.

Milton Segarra, CEO of Costal Mississippi: “The beaches I have to say, Harrison County and the other counties, did a phenomenal job after the storm, Cristobal, and as you can see people keep coming.”

As the number of Covid cases continues to creep up in south Mississippi-and throughout the entire state-tourism leaders like Segarra are hopeful that everyone here will step up and do their part to help keep the promise of health and safety for those who live, work and ultimately visit here.

Milton Segarra, CEO of Costal Mississippi: “We are asking people to wear a mask. If there is a medical reason, that’s fine. If you don’t want to wear a mask, stay at home. If you’re here, protect yourself, protect all of us who live here. Protect our employees in the industry, and I am sure that will help us tremendously to keep the numbers low and to keep the number of cases on the Coast from increasing.”

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