‘Coastal Mississippi’ celebrates their one year anniversary

It was a packed house at the ‘Coastal Mississippi’ offices today as they celebrated their one year anniversary.

One year ago, ‘Coastal Mississippi-The Secret Coast’ ad campaign was launched by the Tourism Marketing Organization for the Tri-County Coastal Region. Since then, the future of the tourism industry on the Coast has looked bright.

Today, the organization hosted a one year anniversary ribbon cutting and to further honor the brand’s milestone, all counties and municipalities within the destination have proclaimed March 11th to be ‘Coastal Mississippi Day.’ Coastal Mississippi CEO Milton Segarra said, “You know last year, we had a very difficult summer. Very challenging, but after the brand we reinforced our message and we just had the best January and February of the last five years for the Coast. So we started 2020 really strong, we will see what happens from now on but we are prepared, we have a good brand, and we will continue to receive the support from our partners.”

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